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Jennifer, I love that you've been taking your deep hurt and truthful perception and offering them both as part of your piercing and beautiful gifts through the Muse of poetry.  
    Allowing that capacity to feel in such a nuanced and subtle way welcomes in a sometimes sore yet whole heart. Thank you for bringing it.  


Oh my love. These are just as I expected they would be, penetrating to my core and full of such truth. I still can't believe you can write this way! I'm so grateful for it because it always is just such an amazing insight into you and your soul and at the same time also into mine.  


Thank you, Jen, for sharing this poem. 

   I've read it three times--the third time, adding some comments, because I can't help but react to your words and insight. 

Love, Juliet

Thanks Jen. Your poems make me feel sane and known, cause your voice and loss and lostness is mine too.    


Holy Crap!  Why is this my consistent response to your work? I am in the middle of a busy morning, found the poem, had to read it, and within a stanza I'm in tears.  There is so much here that sidesteps my brain and language and jumps immediately to my Soul.   

   How do you do that!! 

   This sharing, again, is a sacred sharing.  It speaks Truth in a way I recognize.  It is hard to read, because I come face to face with my own pain and I want to turn away, but I soldier on, because I cannot turn from such beauty. 

   Unadulterated beauty. 

   I will have to read this, again and again, but it is like a sore spot in my mouth, I want to avoid it and am drawn to it.  Unlike a sore, delving in brings relief while at the same time I found it excruciating. 

   Thank you for entrusting me with this.  Thank you for entrusting pen and paper or computer keyboard with your truth so that it can exist outside of you. 

   Oh, and I am so sorry you had to go through the dark place, but that is what we do, isn't it?   

   I think our poems should meet.  They would like each other and maybe provide some solace!


Wow Jennifer!  Intense!  Deep!  Beautiful!   I feel your whole heart and it resonates in mine!  

Love you,  


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