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The poems here are dedicated to my sweet mother, JoAnn Arenson (1939-2018). She would have loved this.

My Poetry...


Body as Temple (June 2011)

    A poem on Motherhood


Mother of Mine (November 2016)

    A poem on Daughterhood, on Alzheimer's


You Have to be Fierce (July 2017)

    A poem on Life, Love, and Living


Tropical Bird

We need to be honest with each other about our challenges and struggles, and also about the ways and means we find to push our way through.  We gather strength from sharing the journey. 

I have always believed this, I think, not only in this era of Facebook where just the opposite so often happens, and we mistakenly think that the packaged pictures and stories of achievement and success that others present seem to show how much better their lives are than ours.

To read about another person I admire who shared honestly along the way...

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