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You Have to Be Fierce

You have to be fierce 

to find your way out of pain 

through the pain. 


You have to be willing to walk barefoot on coals, 

feel the flames, 

feel the heat. 


You have to say enough is enough. 

I am the tip of the iceberg. 

What treasures and horrors lurk beneath? 


You have to face it again and again. 

You stop and you rest, 

catch your breath. 


Then take another dive when it’s time. 


You laugh.  

You cry.  

You are alone.  

You find friends. 


You crumble. 

You are nothing. 


You can’t. 

You can. 


You can’t. 

But you can. 


You keep going. 


Claw your way out, 

claw your way through, 

claw your way deeper down, 

or you will never be done. 


You will never be done, 

but don’t give up. 


Keep going, it’s all right. 

Keep going, you will learn. 


We’ve got your back. 

Don’t ask what is fair. 


Just ask: Do I want to feel alive? 

Do I want to feel? 

Do I want? 

You have to be fierce. 

Find courage. 

Let the heart rage. 


Let nothing go unnoticed. 

Feel the pain, heal the pain. 


Look your own true self in the eye, then push through. 


You can do it. 

We know you can. 


You don’t even have to believe-- 

but you do have to  

be fierce. 

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