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My Inspiration from Martha Graham...

There is a vitality, 

a life force, an energy, 

a quickening, 

that is translated  

through you into action, 


and because there is  

only one of you in all of time, 

this expression is unique. 


And if you block it, it will never exist 

through any other medium,  

and be lost. 

The world will not have it. 


It is not your business  

to determine how good it is, 

nor how valuable, 

nor how it compares 

with other expressions. 


It is your business to  

keep it yours clearly and directly, 

to keep the channel open. 


You do not even have to believe 

in yourself or your work. 

You have to keep open and aware 

directly to the urges  

that motivate you. 


Keep the channel open. 


—Martha Graham 

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