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Welcome to my World...

Life is shitty hard, and also the world is full of much beauty.   

I am a quiet introvert in a world of extraverts who are usually faster, louder, more magnetically compelling than I know how to be in person.  In person, I will draw you in like a cool spring warm fire when you are looking for a quiet place to rest, be yourself, and contemplate the world around you. 

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When I sit down to try to write a poem on purpose because it’s been a while, or I think it’s an important topic, it never works.  The ones that need to come through do.  They insist.   I’ve been writing these poems since January 2006.  About waiting a long time for love, partnership, and for a baby, and about the joys and challenges I have faced in relationship with the world.  About the excruciating pain of my mother’s Alzheimer’s, and its impact on her and on our family. About how doggedly I have pursued my own healing, and how good a shift in that realm can feel.  About friends and community.  About opening to new spiritual views.   

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In my poems, I start with something that is worrying me, feels stuck in my life, or is confronting me head on.  Through the words I write or type, I begin to find out more and seem able to touch into my anger, sadness, fear, love, and joy.  Always, at some point, another voice, a wiser one, comes through while I write, and I can feel a shift.  

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Over the course of my life, I have been clearing my voice, learning to love, am daring more and more often to be seen, and have worked hard to leave loneliness behind. You could say I have been relentlessly weeding the garden of my heart. 


For years, I shared here and there with trusted friends and as an extension of a conversation with someone I thought would also understand.  Eventually, I learned that I was writing the poems not necessarily so that I could be heard by others, but actually so I could hear myself. Now that I have finally started listening, it would seem it's also time for  me to share my heart garden here with you.

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